Matthew Victory Warren

Matthew Victory


You might have caught Matthew Victory Warren’s music act The Second Spirit at an open mic, singing about his peanut butter and jelly shop in Portland. Maybe you saw him playing songs on his pulsating, blue, electroluminescent guitar in the streets of Las Vegas. Either way, his symbolic songwriting and playful performances have given smiles to many people.

From performing as a guitarist with a producer named Phutureprimitive, to playing as a bassist with the goth band the Necrosluts, Matthew has a mixed bag of musical experiences.  Matthew became good friends with University of Oregon’s sound engineer Lance Miller. He found a lot of inspiration working with Lance and has contributed drum programming, keyboard playing, and songwriting to Lance’s Snout album, Hippo.  Another one of Matthew’s accomplishments is his education.  He studied music theory and piano at Lane Community College and took jazz guitar lessons in Las Vegas. He has collaborated with an accordion player, a modular synth instrumentalist, and played in goth, rock and screamo bands. You can hear examples Matthew’s guitar playing on Phutureprimitve’s song “Spanish Fly.”

These days, when Matthew is not street performing, he finds a lot solace from being in surreal looking landscapes like the Valley of Fire and Zion National Park. Occasionally, he pops into a local coffee shop and performs his new album Valley of Sapphire with a classical guitar, keyboard, and laptop accompaniment. Although Matthew mainly sings and plays guitar, his promoter and DJ friends from the Oregon rave scene inspired him to create music on computers. From this point on he has gained great fulfillment from engineering and producing songs in his studio.  Recently, he has collaborated and recorded tracks in his studio with Spanish rapper Dey La Magia and Las Vegas bluegrass artist Alex Higgins.

Matthew is soon planning to release his finished electronic album Valley of Sapphire. Which consists of down-tempo beats, angelic classical guitar melodies, and cosmic synth crescendos. This album takes the listener on a journey into a peaceful distant world.  Also, he is recording a new short EP which combines all of his skills such as; songwriting, singing, piano, synthesizer and guitar playing. He expects it to sound something like the Strokes meets Foster the People. Matthew’s musical styles may change overtime, but one thing we can depend on is that he is always exploring new sounds to carry his latest lyrics.